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Relocation Worldwide Relocation in Italy International Moving Moving solutions: For companies needing to organise the transfers of their personnel worldwide. For who is moving into a new home in Italy or abroad. For who is looking for an available site and needs logistic assistance. In short, for everyone who wants a complete, safe solution. Made to measure for your needs. Because when it comes to moving "your world" across the globe, being able to rely on a perfect move is essential. An efficient organisation makes everything easy and reassuring, at all latitudes. The reliability of Vinelli & Scotto is backed up by facts. Important relations with the leading international trade associations (such as FIDI, IAM, LACMA), FAIM accreditation attained by our Milano branch office (the only quality mark of its kind in the sector) and the partnership with one-group (one of the major European networks) have made a substantial contribution to the professional growth of the company, giving the Vinelli & Scotto name greater prestige both in Italy and overseas. Relocation: PRE-DECISION ORIENTATION / EXPLANATORY TRIP The first contact with the country that will be your home for a short or long time of your life is one of the most important moments of the entire relocation. This is when you can gain a realistic view of your destination and evaluate all aspects of your move in advance. V&S has extensive experience on the field to accompany you during your first approach, suggesting the most suitable homes and the districts for you to re-create your space. We will show you the best schools for your children and give you information on public transport, health care facilities, shops and sports clubs in your new area. We will customise the day according to your needs, so that you can acquire all the useful information you need, to gain a precise overview of your future in Italy when you get home. HOME SEARCH Finding the right home for yourself and your family is certainly the key factor in the success of your relocation. V&S knows this and dedicates all the time needed to this service, exploiting its sound competence, years of expertise in the sector and a receptive, specialised, multilingual team. The synergy and empathy which is established between V&S and the transferee is crucial to understanding needs and suggesting the most appropriate solutions: a careful choice from a wide array of proposals with the common goal of finding the ideal home. V&S adopts an ethic approach in its relationships with real estate agents and all negotiations are conducted skilfully and transparently. Identifying the most suitable lease contract and making sure that is fully understood by the transferee are two additional, fundamental steps to ensure there are no nasty surprises. Paperwork and arrangements for utilities, telephone, internet and satellite TV are coordinated and organised to prevent problems and find quick solutions. A detailed checklist is compiled at the hand-over of the new home and photographs are taken. All these activities are performed respecting your company policies. EDUCATION / SCHOOL SEARCH Being able to live abroad and share the experience with your family is a great opportunity but finding the right school is crucial. Education must foster your youngsters' cultural integration and their personal growth and is fundamental for their future, in both emotional and professional terms. V&S will show you the available school options (including both Italian and international schools) and their programmes and will provide comprehensive information on public transport and school/home/work transfer times so that you can make the right decision for your children. V&S will be by your side to solve any doubts and will examine the practical aspects of your choice together. SETTLING IN V&S will continue to provide assistance while you are settling in helping you manage your first needs and administrative paperwork in Italy. The Settling-In package includes management services to support you while you acclimatise and varies according to company policies. Our dedicated personnel will help you apply for your Tax Code, open a bank account, complete paperwork and contracts for utilities, register you with the public authorities and sign you up for Health Care. All services are designed to help you and ensure that the relocation to your new home and environment is pleasant and hassle-free. DEPARTURE SERVICES Life is all about coming and going. V&S will accompany your family during the final part of the relocation process, which can be as tricky that the initial one, acting as intermediary between landlord and tenant and coordinating all check-out activities from the home. V&S will ensure that all steps are performed at the right time and in the right way. There are cancellations, utility contracts to be terminated, suppliers/tradesmen to be contacted, associations and schools to be notified and relationship with landlords to be managed. Respecting the schedule is fundamental during this stage, as is the capability of organising contract termination in professional manner. The described services are only some of the solutions we offer. Please contact us for our complete list of services. Customised packages are available on request.

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