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On Lake Lugano

Over 50 Holiday Rental Homes & Luxury Villas on The Italian Lakes ~ Something for Everyone plus Travel & Other Website Links +44 (0)207 0990868 Lake Lugano Homes offers the largest selection of rental homes & villas on Lake Como, Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore with over 650 properties to choose from & to suit everyone's budget! Having offered holiday rental accommodation through for over 10 years we have seen many happy guests. Celebrations, weddings or the experience of a lifetime. No wonder some of the worlds most recognised celebrities buy homes on the lake and enjoy the peace, the vistas, the food and the ambience. If you book a property on Lake Lugano through Lake Como Homes you can rest assured that your booking is safe. We accept all forms of payment processed through our UK company and have a team of people who cater for all your questions. The Menaggio team will look after your every need on the Lake and with a management office in Menaggio itself, you can pop in and say hello.

Valutazione: 5 / 5 - 10393

Fascia di prezzo: $$$$

Indirizzo Street: Via Campo Marzio 13, Lugano

Telefono: 02038564559


  • The northern Italian lakes loved by so many:

  • Charity swim for Dad.

  • If you're around Lugano between 12th and 14th and like jazz, you'll love this.

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